Syrah and Cabernet Franc from Idaho  vineyards, with Mourvedre and Cabernet Sauvignon from Washington, blend  into a beautiful, fresh, red wine.  Cool fermentation and minimal oak  preserve notes of black cherry, plum, granite and earth.  Silky, smooth  and enjoyable, Le Compère is the perfect accomplice to beef shortribs, barbeque and savory mushrooms. 


In 2016 I bought Mourvedre from Red Mountain and some Cabernet from Portteus in the Yakima Valley.  When those wines went to press I had extra so I topped the Mourvedre with some extra Syrah (Sawtooth Vineyard) and the Cabernet Sauvignon with some extra Cabernet Franc (Hat Ranch).  What makes this blend so special is that it made its debut at three different weddings of friends with smashing success.  This wine was blended at a relatively young age (only 6 months in barrel) and lead to a stunning combination.  Apparently Idaho fruit is the perfect Accomplice to Washington!


Idaho Vineyards - Hat Ranch Vineyard (Cabernet Franc), Skyline Vineyard (Syrah)

Washington Vineyards - Red Heaven Vineyard (Mourvedre), Portteus Vineyard (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Composition - Syrah (33%), Mourvedre (29%), Cabernet Sauvignon (21%), Cabernet Franc (17%)

Alcohol - 13.9%

Fermentation - Open Top

Aging - French Oak - Nuetral

Bottle Date - May, 2017

Production - 48 Cases