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Sangiovese and Syrah come together in our unique barrel-Fermented Rosé. Dry and crisp with decadent flavors of juicy raspberry and tart strawberries. Pairs perfectly with summer, Barbeques, Patios, and Swimming holes. Enjoy chilled with grilled salmon, fruit salad or even a fatty burger.


This project started on accident. I  dropped a barrel off of a rack and broke the head. I decided to take the broken head off stand the barrel on its side and ferment inside of it!  I bled off Sangiovese juice after 18 hours of crush and fermented in the barrel.  Fermentation was quick and clean and the resulting wine was moved to stainless.  The Syrah juice was bled off also after 18 hours and fermented in stainless steel.  Cooler, slower fermentation which preserved plenty of fruit flavors.  Once complete, the Syrah was blended with the Sangiovese where we bulked aged it for 3 months.  Racked once and unfiltered into bottle!  


Vineyard - Casa d'Aquilla, Williamson's Vineyard

Composition - Sangiovese (75%), Syrah (25%)

pH - 3.29

TA - 8.2 g/L

Alcohol - 12.1%

Fermentation - Oak/French Barrel/3rd Fill

Bottle Date - February 22nd, 2017

Production - 24 Cases