Our 2017 Soigne, explores Grenache and  Mourvedre from Red Heaven Vineyard the Red Mountain AVA of Washington.   The grapes were cold soaked for 24 hours before co-fermenting slowly  over 21 days.  The resulting wine was aged in stainless barrels on lees  and was stirred every other week for 2 months to enhance complexity and  weight.  The 2017 Soigne is fruity, crisp,  nuanced and the perfect wine to pair with grilled seafood, Mediterranean  dishes and goat cheese.


You can thank my brother Luke and Red Heaven vineyard manager Damon Lalonde for the 2017 Soigne.  Luke convinced me (AKA gave me money) and Damon had an awesome idea to make this project a success.  I had already purchased Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre from Red Heaven to make a GSM red blend and Damon suggested picking some of the Grenache and Mourvedre early to make a beautiful rose, which also helped to ripen the remaining fruit for my red blend.  The fruit was harvested September 9th and processed the same afternoon - de-stemmed, crushed, covered with dry-ice, and left to cold soak overnight.  I decided to press after 24 hours and the resulting juice was cooled and slowly fermented over 3 weeks.  When almost fermented to dryness I racked the wine into stainless steel barrels and began stirring them (batonage) every other week for 2 months to build complexity and mouthfeel.  The wine was racked again in January to tank and bottled in the beginning of March. 


Vineyard - Red Heaven

AVA - Red Mountain

Composition - Grenache (75%), Mourvedre (25%)

pH - 3..02

TA - 7.5 g/L

Alcohol - 12.1%

Fermentation - Temp. control stainless steel tank

Bottle Date - March 4th, 2018

Production - 51 Cases